Clark Net offers outstanding solutions for general wire and cable assembly, plastic molding, design and prototyping, light manufacturing, and rework services. Small, medium, and large quantities and quick turn capabilities are no problem. Our manufacturers also offer full engineering support.

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

Our cable solutions use automated wire/cable crimping and cutting tools to provide a variety of cable and wire harnesses.

They have the capacity for high or low volume orders and deal with the most complex assemblies. Our manufacturers are tooled for almost any part, so there is rarely a tooling charge.

Custom Molded Cable Assembly

Whether it is an industry standard or a custom die, Clark Net’s solutions can mold cable assemblies to your specifications. They have complete lines of D sub-miniature molds and also have color matching to any cable jacket. Mold inserts enable them to customize finish molds with a customer’s name, logo, part number or any other designator.