What exactly is contract engineering and/or manufacturing?

Contract engineering is when one of Clark Net’s customers “hires” one of our outstanding engineering firms to perform a specific engineering task for them.

For instance,  that task might be an electronic engineering project,  such as generating a schematic.  Or, that task might be a software project,  such as writing code.  PCB design and layout is also considered contract engineering.

Contract manufacturing is when a customer selects one of our manufacturing resources to fabricate a whole product or part of a product for them.  Clark Net offers both domestic and offshore contract engineering and manufacturing services.

What is a contract engineering and/or a manufacturers’ sales representative firm?

A contract engineering and/or manufacturers’ sales representative (aka “sales rep” or “rep”) firm is a company that represents an engineering firm’s, and/or a  manufacturing firm’s, services. Usually, the company (aka “the principal”) represented does not have the employee sales staff required for adequate sales  representation in all the areas it does business. Maintaining a full-time sales staff is very costly to a company. Sales employees are paid a salary and benefits  whether or not they make a sale. On the other hand, sales reps get paid a commission ONLY when they make a sale.

In addition, a sales rep saves the customer a great deal of money. To reiterate, a principal only has to pay a commission to the sales rep once a sale has  been made. As a customer, you benefit by paying less for services and products because the principal does not have to pass the salary burden of a full-time  sales employee on to you.

Most sales reps have better contacts and relationships with customers in their territories than do the companies they represent. By hiring a sales rep, the  principal is able to leverage the rep’s contacts and relationships.

Will I pay more by using a manufacturers’ representative firm?

Absolutely not! In most instances, you will be paying far less. Since the principals we represent do not have the expense of full-time sales employees, they  can offer the customer (you) very competitive prices. Yes, we do receive a commission for business we bring to them; but, that commission is far below the  expense of a full-time sales staff. Those savings are passed on to you!

Why should I choose Clark Net?

Since we strongly desire to maintain our outstanding reputation in our industry, we closely scrutinize each and every company we represent. We do this to ensure they are the best solution in their particular niche. Many of the companies we represent were originally referred to us by our customers  who were satisfied with one of our other services! It is our job to provide the best resource for your service or product requirements. We can accomplish  this because our team has nearly 100 years of combined industry experience.

Which industries do you serve?

All industries.

Who are some of your customers?

Clark Net is trusted by the best companies in their respective industries. We have been the “go to” solution to hundreds of diverse companies since 1993. Clark Net is always willing to provide customer references should you require them.

I need multiple solutions, can you help?

Yes! Clark Net specializes in providing solutions for just about every contract engineering and/or manufacturing need. In many instances, we offer multiple solutions for just one requirement. In this way, we can “steer” you to the best possible solution for your particular need. For instance, we represent many PCB bare board solutions. These solutions are the best in each of their “niches.” Not everybody needs a PCB solution for full production;  thus, we have a house that specializes in prototype PCBs.  And, some customers need to go offshore to take advantage of large volume pricing; therefore, we have  a PCB fab that is an offshore solution.  Rest assured, no matter what your requirement, Clark Net has the best solution!

I have time and budgetary constraints, can you help me?

Clark Net often works with customers who are experiencing unexpected time and/or budgetary constraints. We especially enjoy these opportunities as they give us a chance to really show our stuff. You can always feel confident that we probably have a resource to help you in these situations. If we do not, we’ll help you find one!

Do you provide “Concept to Reality” solutions?

Yes! Clark Net can provide a solution to engineer and manufacture an entire product or just part of a product from concept to reality.

Do you provide offshore products and services?

Yes. Clark Net has an offshore solution for just about every need.

Do you represent companies that manufacture “GREEN” products?

Yes! For instance, all of our PCB bare board and assembly solutions have RoHS capabilities. Our solder solution provides solder reclamation services. Most of our manufacturers have green initiatives in place so as to ensure a better environment for all of us.

Must I always communicate through you to get information from  your engineering and/or manufacturing resource?

NO!!! The very first thing Clark Net does when a prospect expresses interest in one of our solutions is to put that prospect in direct communication with that resource! We strongly encourage our customers to communicate directly with our principals. We do not wish to be a gate to your progress and waste your time on needless delays. Avoid reps who insist that you transact everything ONLY through them.

Do you provide quotations or will the companies you represent do so?

Only the companies we represent provide quotations to our customers.  We do this for a reason.  Sometimes, other rep firms put hidden mark-ups in the quotations they provide to their customers. Here’s how this scam works: A prospect asks one of these types of reps for a quote, say for a widget. The rep then gets a quote from his principal for the widget which he then marks-up and presents to his unfortunate customer. The mark-ups in these types of quotes are usually outrageous. Clark Net is in no way involved in establishing any pricing nor do we provide quotations. ALL of Clark Net’s principals send quotes DIRECTLY to our customers.

Do you offer nationwide shipping?

Most of the companies we represent do business across the country, some globally. Thus, shipping to any location is never a problem.

Do your principals offer expedite services?

Only if you need expediting. Clark Net tries to avoid this by working with our customers from concept to reality. In this way, we can prevent additional  expenses through needs forecasting, etc..  However, if you need expediting concerning any of our services, we’ll be glad to help!

What if I have a problem?

Clark Net is 110% committed to your satisfaction. We, unlike other rep firms, do not introduce you to one of our principals and that’s the last you hear from us. Quite the contrary!!! We stay very involved in the sales process from our first meeting with you to your receipt of your service or product from one of our principals. We follow-up shortly thereafter to ensure your total satisfaction. Our business success depends entirely on the satisfaction of our  customers. We never forget that!!!

I need a manufacturers’ representative for my product and/or service, is Clark Net accepting new principals?

Yes, we are always interested in representing manufacturers who are the best at what they do. Please contact us if you are interested. Just refer to our  “Contact Us” page and fill out the form. We will contact you as soon as we receive your request.