Industrial & Instrumentation

Industrial & Instrumentation product experience you can trust.

handheldIndustrial and instrumentation products are becoming increasingly complex and require advanced manufacturing capabilities.  Our resources produce 3D printed parts, box build products, cable assemblies, flex circuit assemblies, labels and decals, machined parts, plastic parts, printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) and sheet metal parts for many industrial and instrumentation customers.

Products that our solutions have manufactured include the box build of a ruggedized hand held industrial computer that was also used by the military, the box build for moisture sensing devices for the wood products industry and the box build of a line of surge suppression devices deployed by large utility companies.  They also have experience with PCBAs for a line of PH Sensors for one of the world’s leaders in industrial monitoring devices, PCBAs for solar power inverters, PCBAs for solar power trackers used in large solar farms and PCBAs for food sorting equipment.blower

Quality you can count on.

The Quality Management Systems of most of our industrial and instrumentation resources include ISO 9001:2015 Certification.  Lean manufacturing principles and in-process quality controls are in place throughout their assembly processes to minimize any potential defects and to enable them to respond immediately if defects are found.  In-house quality control and inspection departments also comply with IPC, J-STD and military standards as required by our customers.