EMI/EMC Compliance and Test:

Clark Net’s EMI/EMC engineering and test solution is much more than just an EMI/EMC lab. This solution offers engineering design analysis with experts in RF/EMC design, troubleshooting, and regulations. This esteemed provider guides and assists their customers throughout product design, problem resolution, and regulatory testing. The most important service this lab offers is the ability to tell a customer WHY their part may have failed a test, and then recommend engineering solutions.

Environmental, Life, and Stress Testing:

We highly recommend our environmental, life, and stress testing solution for your vibration, shock, mechanical, temperature, humidity and HALT/HASS testing needs. This provider excels in the ability to test packages and also offers thermal compliance testing. Our environmental test lab has decades of experience testing products for high tech companies.

Safety, Regulatory and Test:

Clark Net’s product safety and regulatory consulting company is a certified TÜV America representative. They will evaluate your product and provide test reports and documentation support. Their experienced staff provides leadership for your engineering and management team in developing a strategy for your organization’s long-term regulatory needs and in dealing with regulatory organizations such as TÜV, VDE, CSA, CE, and UL.

By utilizing their working relationships with engineers at U.S. Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL), European Notified Bodies, and other laboratories, they can help resolve many questions and issues. Regulatory requirements around the world are constantly changing. Identifying country requirements can be very challenging. Our test lab can assist in identifying and understanding these requirements. If your engineer and management team lacks experience with regulatory issues, Clark Net’s consulting company offers training on product safety concepts and product safety standards.

In addition, they can also perform a preliminary evaluation to many NRTL standards, NFPA79, and SEMI® Guidelines to identify major issues before submitting the product for certification with organizations such as UL, TÜV, CSA, etc.. As part of the evaluation process, most standards will specify required safety tests for products. Our engineering and test lab can perform many product safety tests using their calibrated test equipment.