The Ultimate Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) Solutions

3d-trident-helmetAn Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), is a company that designs and manufactures a product, as specified, that is usually rebranded by another firm for sale. The ODM’s clients allow the ODM that owns or licenses the brand to produce products for them without having to engage in the organization or running of a factory.  Also, some customers want the ODM to manufacturer products that will be directly sold by the ODM.  Then, they will buy those products from the ODM for their purposes.  

3d-handlesLet Clark Net Solutions find the perfect ODM resource to design and manufacture what you are looking for, either to be used in your products or to be sold under your brand name. Let them be in charge of research, development, manufacturing and project management as they have the ability to sell the product on their own; or, as said before, allow your company to use it in your products or add it into your product line.  

Most of the time, our ODMs already have a proven track record for the product the buyer is looking for. 

Have an idea for a new product, need to upgrade an existing product or reverse engineer a discontinued product? We can make your ideas a reality. If you need an ODM resource that has the toolsets and manpower in place to get your job done, we have the solution.  We can produce the products that will ensure your success!