What Clark Net Solutions Does For You!

Clark Net Solutions offers very competitive solutions in contract engineering, manufacturing, assembly and test. We also offer product development, project management and original design manufacturing services. From concept to reality, Clark Net Solutions is your “go-to” resource.

Contract Engineering Services

Many companies, especially in difficult economic times, use outside contract engineering resources to keep projects moving forward while eliminating the expense of  hiring full-time engineers. Clark Net Solutions has both full-service engineering companies and individual contract engineers ready to take on your projects. We also have EMI/EMC as well as safety and compliance engineering resources. Have an engineering project?  Give us a call!   

Contract Manufacturing Services

Our contract manufacturing services include 3D printing, box build, cable assembly, decals, labels and nameplates, gasket manufacturing, injection molding and thermoforming, laser cutting, machining, metal finishing, overlays, control panels and membrane switches, PCB bare board fabrication and assembly, sheet metal, waterjet cutting and welding services. Need a manufacturing solution? We probably have it!

How We Save You Time And Money

Clark Net Solutions has the ability to bring multiple solutions to you to help with any project you may have.  Unlike “rep” firms that have only one “line” for a service you may need, we qualify and match the best of our multiple resources to your particular requirement. This saves you a great amount of time as you do not have to find and qualify numerous vendors to get quotes on your project. We do it for you!  And, we save you a lot of money as the solution we bring to you will be the perfect price-competitive match for your project!

We often hear from many of our customers that their sourcing departments love our services.  And, why shouldn’t they?  With nearly one hundred years of combined technical experience in our industry combined with our network of multiple solutions for any given project need, we make their jobs a lot easier!  Our customers often rely on us to find resources they cannot locate on their own.  That resource is then added to our growing list of services. Basically, that’s the way we built our business!  

You will work directly with the qualified solutions we present to you!  We never act as a “gate” between our customers and the resources we introduce to them.  We feel it very important that our clients immediately establish a direct relationship with our providers.  Our customers enjoy knowing that they don’t have to always go through us to work with our vendors.  Our job is to ensure that you and the resources we present to you establish and remain in a very productive and successful relationship!