Clark Net Principal Upgrades Imaging Department

Clark Net’s rigid-flex circuit board solution recently installed a Maskless Lithography Printer and an Orbotech Paragon 9800 Laser Direct Imager at their facility.

The new printers provide advanced capabilities for imaging innerlayers, outerlayers, and soldermask on advanced technology PWB’s.

According to their Engineering Manager, “Having both systems in place gives us a tremendous increase in flexibility and processing ability. Every photoresist and soldermask that is available responds to different wavelengths of light. Having both exposure systems allows us to pick the best photoresist or mask for the application, and then pick the best piece of equipment to image it. That flexibility will advance our technology capabilities while improving our capacity at the same time.”

The installation of the Maskless and Orbotech printers are the next step in our principal’s effort to provide customers with advanced technology, at higher yields, quality, and throughput, while reducing their over-all costs.

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Clark Net’s Rigid-Flex Circuit Principal Purchases Orbotech Direct Legend Ink Printer

Clark Net’s rigid-flex circuit solution has recently purchased and installed a new Orbotech Sprint™ Direct Legend Ink Printer.

The new Orbotech printer is a self-contained direct printer and UV cure unit. It features multiple automated serialization and bar-coding options, eliminating manual operations and reducing the opportunity for error. It also scales nomenclature in order to match the material movement, eradicating nomenclature on pads.

High depth-of-focus (DOF) multi-depth printing enables uniform legend printing over non-uniform surfaces in one pass, a vast improvement from the current 2-4 times a flexible or rigid-flex circuit goes through the printing process.

The Orbotech Sprint’s fully automated CAM data transfer, shortened prep time, pin-less alignment and unique curing technology look to greatly boost our principal’s productivity and throughput by reducing a four-hour per side process to two minutes.

The President and CEO of our rigid-flex circuit manufacturer states: “The installation of the Orbotech printer is the next step in our effort to provide our customers with improved lead time, quality and throughput, while reducing their over-all costs.”

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Clark Net’s PCB Assembly Solution Acquires Pillarhouse Selective Soldering Machine

The new Pillarhouse Selective Soldering Fusion Line incorporates high speed transfer with maximum flexibility coupled with reduced line length at a lower cost compared to current market offerings.

The standard cell can be configured to handle PCB’s up to 508 x 952mm (fluxer/pre-heat/solder) or for high speed applications, the cell can be configured with fluxer/pre-heat and up to 3 solder modules with 5 heater options. The solder cells can be configured with any of the Pillarhouse solder technologies: Custom dip, multi-dip, jet-wave and single point AP down to 1.5mm and the new easy auto pot changer for fast non-contact changeovers.There is no limit to the flexibility of the Fusion.

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Clark Net’s PCB Assembly Solution Purchases Thermotron SE-1000-10-10-RAC Environmental Test Chamber

Thermotron’s SE-1000-10-10-RAC Environmental Test Chambers offer a significantly enhanced airflow system which provides better gradients and improved product temperature change rates.

SE-Series Chambers feature a modular humidity system that can easily be added in the future to meet expanding test requirements. These chambers utilize Thermotron’s flagship 8800 Programmer/Controller featuring a high resolution 12.1” flat panel display with touch screen user interface, expanded capabilities to graph, data log, edit, access on-screen help, and long term hard drive data storage.

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Microcraft Flying Probe Test Machine Acquired by Rigid-Flex Principal

Clark Net congratulates our rigid-flex circuit board manufacturer on the acquisition of a Microcraft USA flying probe test machine.

The Microcraft flying probe machine will enhance their technical capabilities for higher density flexible circuits and at the same time will improve lead time and lower cost on smaller quick-turn builds.  Eliminating the cost and time to assemble fixtures is a major improvement for the quick-turn prototyping environment.

“I am excited about our new capabilities and what it will offer our customers,” remarked their President and CEO. “We have been working toward this for some time, giving us one more tool to improve our service to our customers.”

This Clark Net principal is a U.S. manufacturer of multilayer flex and rigid-flex printed circuit boards with over 37 years of experience building circuits typically used in high reliability applications such as medical, military, and commercial electronics where customers place a premium on reliability, package density, and weight.

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Burkle Precision Lamination System Acquired

Our rigid-flex circuit board manufacturer recently purchased and installed a new Burkle WorkCell Precision Lamination System.

The new Burkle Workcell incorporates two six opening hot presses with 30″ x 30″ platens in conjunction with a six opening cold press.  The lamination system also includes the addition of a buffer rack, which will give our principal the ability to layup multiple books at once for lamination.  Burkle’s incorporation of hot oil heaters will provide a more even distribution of heat across all platens and allow the product to be cooled under pressure at a predictable rate.

Due to the overall combined features of the latest Burkle press system, our rigid-flex solution will be more efficient in their lamination processes and better able to produce an overall improved quality of product for their customer base.

Our rigid-flex principal has utilized Burkle Lamination systems for the past 20 years. According to their National Sales Manager, “The fact that we have used the same presses continuously for 20 years shows the quality and reliability of the products Burkle builds. When making the decision to invest in a new system it was hard to overlook that consistency.  Our hope is that the installation of these new presses will improve speed and quality, allowing us to deliver an even better PCB with the fastest lead time possible.”

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