Printed Circuit Board Design,
Layout & Fabrication

pcb-image-quality reviewClark Net Solutions has a highly qualified PCB design, layout and fabrication resource available to our customers. Our PCB designers specialize in the support and design of complex dense and high speed circuit board applications. DFM, DFA and DFT are processes applied to their board designs as required. Furthermore, all aspects of a “front to back” design process will be expertly and professionally coordinated to achieve the best product for our customers.

CAM Support

cu-etching-quality-reviewThe latest version of Pentalogix CamMaster software is used by our provider. All of their CAM operators have over ten years of experience running Design Rule Checks (DRS’s), as well as Design For Manufacturability (DFM). Services available include:

Professional reporting of data set issues.

Fast resolution of jobs that are placed “On-Hold”.

DRC’s and DFM on each design.

274X / DXF / ODB++ input capabilities.

Impedance modeling and stackups performed using proven Polar Software tools.

Netlist Comparison.


1- 20 Layers (more if required).

Blind & Buried Vias.

Via in Pad Technology using conductive & non-conductive fill materials (CB-100, San Ei PHP 900, etc.).

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for both inner and outer layers.

Controlled Impedance, Plated Slots, Plated Edges, Selective Plating, Launch Sites, Countersink / Counterbore, Score,  Planar Transformers, Printed Antennas and more.

Trace/Space and Drilling Information

.003” line and space Capability (Film-less Direct Imaging in use).

Drilling with .008” bits for .006” hole size for .062” PCB’s.

High Aspect Ratio of 10:1.

Board Finishes

63/37 Solder.

ENIG- Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold.

Lead Free Solder.

Immersion Silver.

Electrolytic Hard or Soft Gold 30-100 microinches.

Build-to Specifications

IPC-600, IPC-6012, Classes II & III.

UL approved, 94V-0 Flammability Rating.

ITAR listed.

Equipment Calibrated under ISO to NIST Standards.


RoHS Laminates:

Ventec VT-47.

Ventec VT-461.

Isola 185 HR.

Isola 370 HR.

Isola IS410.

Isola FR408.

Isola P95/P96 polyimides.

RF and Specialty Laminates:

Rogers 3000 series.

Rogers 4000 series.

Rogers Ultralam series.

Taconic RF families.

Nelco 4000 family.

Arlon Teflons and Microwave families.

Finished Cu Weights

Outer layers: 1-6oz Cu.

Ground Plane(inner lay): .5 – 4oz Cu.

Signal(inner lay): .5 – 3oz Cu.

LPI Soldermask

Colors available: Green, blue, black, red, white, clear.