Clark Net represents several contract engineering solutions. If you need an engineering company that has the toolsets and manpower in place to get your job done or an individual contract engineer who will use your in-house toolsets, we have the solution.

A lot of companies, especially in difficult economic times, use contract engineering services to keep engineering projects moving forward while eliminating the expense of hiring full-time engineers to do so.

Clark Net represents contract engineering companies that provide electronic, embedded, PCB design and layout, RF, software, hardware, mechanical, and industrial engineering services.

Looking for an individual contract engineer?  Our contract engineering staffing firm has the largest pool of contract engineers in the country. Their pre-screened candidates are highly qualified and bring the skill and expertise you need for your hardware or software based product. Maintaining a flexible work force with contract engineers is an ideal solution if you need a specialized skill set, have peak workload needs, or have a short-term project that does not warrant a full-time hire.

Have an idea for a new product or need to upgrade an existing product? We can make your ideas a reality and engineer the solutions that will ensure your success!