Decals, Labels & Nameplates

decalsClark Net Solutions’ decal and label resource offers custom product decals, labels and nameplates. They also offer cards/tags with variable data codes, barcodes or QR codes for traceability and/or serial numbering. Custom placards for information and/or instruction, overlays, membrane switches, flexible circuitry, EMI/RFI shielding and gaskets for shock absorption and noise dampening are also available. Material choices are almost unlimited in terms of colors, substrates and adhesive types and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Decals and labels serve a number of purposes: product branding, warning and caution stickers, variable barcode and/or serial numbering for traceability and many other applications. Our solution is a UL-authorized printer if your company needs UL-compliant labels for your product.

Depending on the application, screen printing, digital or flexographic printing or a combination of all three to get the perfect solution may be utilized. Our design group will work with your engineering team to achieve the perfect balance of form and function.


Nameplates are the “business card” of your organization. They promote and clearly identify your brand in the marketplace. So, the right combination of design and printing is critical. Screen printing, digital printing, selective texturing, doming for a 3D effect and laser-etching are some of the processes that we can use to help create a unique “look” for your nameplate.

Color is king! Few things are as critical to your company brand as making sure that your color scheme is consistent. We use spectrophotometer technology not only to define and quantity the initial color targets; but, also during production to make sure that you don’t see color “drift” over large batch production.

Clark Net Solutions’ decal, label and nameplate solution is committed to providing ultra-high quality screen and digital printing solutions.  Have a project, give us a call or request a quote – we have the solution and would like to work with you!