Clark Net’s rigid-flex circuit solution has recently purchased and installed a new Orbotech Sprint™ Direct Legend Ink Printer.

The new Orbotech printer is a self-contained direct printer and UV cure unit. It features multiple automated serialization and bar-coding options, eliminating manual operations and reducing the opportunity for error. It also scales nomenclature in order to match the material movement, eradicating nomenclature on pads.

High depth-of-focus (DOF) multi-depth printing enables uniform legend printing over non-uniform surfaces in one pass, a vast improvement from the current 2-4 times a flexible or rigid-flex circuit goes through the printing process.

The Orbotech Sprint’s fully automated CAM data transfer, shortened prep time, pin-less alignment and unique curing technology look to greatly boost our principal’s productivity and throughput by reducing a four-hour per side process to two minutes.

The President and CEO of our rigid-flex circuit manufacturer states: “The installation of the Orbotech printer is the next step in our effort to provide our customers with improved lead time, quality and throughput, while reducing their over-all costs.”

For more information, please call or e-mail Greg Bishop at (503) 484-4706 or