By Rafael Gonzalez

A year ago, the issue of in-shoring seemed like a nice idea, something we should think about “some” day and, perhaps, a goal to work towards. It was not something that seemed critical or time-sensitive.

However, everything has changed in 2020 and now, post-Covid-19, this topic is a top priority and the question becomes not IF we should in-shore, but how QUICKLY we can do so.

There are many excellent reasons to in-shore. Each situation differentiates itself by numerous factors, such as markets, materials, and labor costs.  Creative out-of-the-box thinking is a necessity to determine how best to facilitate the plan.

America’s economic survival depends on it.

Positive numbers and data that support supply chain change are indispensable to seeing a clear path to successful in-shoring.  However, change starts in the mind. Please consider some of the overall benefits of in-shoring.

For your consideration:

  • Simplification of supply chain logistics
  • Improved control over supply chain operations
  • Ability to respond better to a naturally caused emergency
  • Proximity to the supplier for efficient and timely issue resolution
  • Curtailed travel and time costs when visiting supply chain resources
  • Reduced inventory exposure
  • Enhanced facilitation of design and engineering changes
  • No language and time barriers
  • Reduced cost of transportation
  • Shorter lead-times
  • Greater IP control and security
  • Positive economic impact on the surrounding community
  • Benefits of consumer reward in supporting domestic manufactured products
  • If applicable and well marketed, can definitely increase company sales
  • Expedited implementation of rework requirements
  • Efficient and higher overall quality control vs. significant monitoring to maintain off-shore quality control

With the awakening of the American consciousness to the pitfalls and dangers of outsourcing so many of our critical products, it is safe to assume that we will soon see a majority of those product manufacturers brought back to our American shores.

For more information, please contact Rafael Gonzalez at: : (360) 608-4227 or clarknet-rafael@comcast.net