Clark Net’s rigid-flex circuit board solution recently installed a Maskless Lithography Printer and an Orbotech Paragon 9800 Laser Direct Imager at their facility.

The new printers provide advanced capabilities for imaging innerlayers, outerlayers, and soldermask on advanced technology PWB’s.

According to their Engineering Manager, “Having both systems in place gives us a tremendous increase in flexibility and processing ability. Every photoresist and soldermask that is available responds to different wavelengths of light. Having both exposure systems allows us to pick the best photoresist or mask for the application, and then pick the best piece of equipment to image it. That flexibility will advance our technology capabilities while improving our capacity at the same time.”

The installation of the Maskless and Orbotech printers are the next step in our principal’s effort to provide customers with advanced technology, at higher yields, quality, and throughput, while reducing their over-all costs.

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